How the Pursuit of Perfection Actually Confiscates Our Individuality

by diamondstoglass


Comparison is the ultimate enemy of the ability to wake up every day and love yourself. It’s a universal truth that Irealized a lot later than I wish I could have. I have ALWAYS looked at other people and wished I could look more like them instead of what I saw in the mirror every morning. It began when I was so young that I can’t even pinpoint when it started. I am the queen of perfectionism and what I am was never quite good enough. I used to spend hours upon hours in front of the mirror mentally tearing myself apart for every flaw I saw. In comparison to the beautiful girls in magazines or on the street I was simply…average. Eventually it got to the point where all I saw about myself were things that I wanted to change.  I don’t think I realized the lie I was allowing myself to believe until I saw a before and after photo of a well-known celebrity on the internet. This image had taken all of the elements that make her real and relatable and stripped her down to a mere shadow of who she really is. Seeing those images made me realize that no matter how much makeup and editing Photoshop may add to an image, in the process it takes away the things that make us truly beautiful. Even though I don’t have a team of makeup designers and  a closet of expensive garments at my disposal, I am worthy of loving myself  because I am loyal, spunky, hard-working and strong. For me, that is more than enough.

– Rebekah