The Project

The Point Five Project is an exploration of beauty, body image, and self depreciation.  It delves deep into the psychology of how makeup and commercial media affect self-perception, especially with women.

This project is intended as a way to help draw attention to the more serious effects Photoshop, media, makeup, and other digital manipulations have on the way people perceive themselves, others, and the world.  In many ways it is geared towards women and girls who look at the magazines and billboards we are surrounded by in today’s society, and find themselves tempted to compare their looks to the models in print and media. However, it is for all ages, genders, races, and creeds because the media affects how we see others as well.

I was inspired to start this project when I was applying makeup heavily to my own face.  I was just goofing around, trying out different looks, and saw the potential for two completely different sides to my face.  This also sparked a thought about how makeup and the media affected the way I saw myself.

My process involves putting a piece of tape down the center of my subject’s bare face and then adding heavy makeup to one side.  I remove the tape before photographing the women against a solid white background.  Models and celebrities are never published without after effects, so to strengthen my statement I go in with Photoshop and retouch, edit, and manipulate the made-up side of their faces as well.  At the end I ask them for a personal statement about how media and/or makeup in society have had an effect on them.

The Project on the Nonsense Society

TCU360 and “The Skiff” News Article 

My greatest dreams for this project are to have a book and a gallery of these works entitled “Two Faced.” I feel that this project is unlike the countless other campaigns promoting natural beauty.  While each of those is special in its own way, the Point Five Project is intended to have a more direct and startling impact that truly drives people to recognize what a personal, while simultaneously universal, issue this is.

This blog is both for the project itself and as a part of my Honors Thesis which I have dedicate to this project and topic.